Not a lot of people know about the plant Cissus quadrangularis. It is a perennial plant that is sometimes known as the Devil’s Backbone or Veldt Grape. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, and other places in Asia. These days, it is also grown in Africa and some places in the United States. The plant contains vitamins, carotenoids, triterpenoids and minerals that are useful to the body, which is why a lot of scientists have been studying it for the past years to know more about its benefits to the medical world. Since then, companies have been selling them as supplements all over the globe. Here are just some of things it can do to benefit your health.


1. Weight Loss


It is the most common benefit of the plant. Adding a cissus supplement to the diet can help in burning more calories, further stimulating the metabolism and suppressing the appetite. It burns fats and prevents the possibility of obesity.


2. Protect Heart


Because of its impact on the metabolism of the body, it gets rid of bad cholesterol in the system. And due to this, cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure can be prevented.


3. Strengthen Bones


The compounds of the plant cissus quadrangularis can help prevent bone degradation and can stimulate the growth of the bones. It also speeds up the production of Collagen, thus it is used by people recovering from bone injuries and other internal wounds. The plant is also used to strengthen teeth and protect them from easily getting damaged.


4. Reduce Pain


Cissus quadrangulis has a quality that works as an anti-inflammatory. With that, it minimizes the pain that is caused by inflammation or swelling. Joint pains, menstrual cramps and other pains can be relieved with the help of this plant.


5. Lessen Asthma Attacks


The plant affects the respiratory system, working like a steroid. It helps in reducing the attacks and severity of asthma or other respiratory problems.


6. Prevent Diabetes


One of the many qualities of cissus quadrangularis is lowering the blood sugar level in the body. It regulates the release of blood sugar and ensures that there is just enough supply of insulin in the system.


7. Boost Immunity


The plant contains a high level of ascorbic acid that helps the body in defending itself from various kinds of illnesses. It increases the number of white blood cells that fight off viruses that harm the system. Taking a cissus supplement every day would help in the overall health. Even if the body is not experiencing pain or any illness, it would give the boost the body needs to prevent serious disorders like heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and various strains of the flu virus. It can be used to improve the condition of the body in many aspects. Before deciding to use Cissus quadrangularis capsules as a supplement, a visit to the doctor is recommended. Side effects such as nausea, mild headaches and flatulence can be experienced especially for those who are taking the plant extract for the first time. It can also react differently when taken with other strong medications.