For most people, the thought of not having control of one’s bladder and urinating frequently might sound amusing. It’s like something that gets used as a material for standup comedy stints. However, for people who do have, it’s anything but amusing. The inconvenience of having to go to the bathroom at frequent intervals gets in the way of productivity and even relaxation. It’s a seemingly minor concern, but ultimately, these frequent trips to the bathroom prevent a person from doing some things in life such as getting on a three-hour bus trip. Here are some helpful tips on how to take better control of one’s bladder.

  1. Retrain bladder by sticking to pre-planned bathroom visits.

Holding in when the need to urinate is overwhelming is obviously not a good idea. However, retraining the bladder to stick to regular release of urine can be done in a gradual manner. Obviously, the first few days shouldn’t be a drastic change. Over time, as the bladder is accustomed to timed urination, it becomes easier for the person to forego the slightest stimuli that might have otherwise made them run immediately to their office bathroom.

  1. Exercise pelvic muscles.

Kegel exercises are usually recommended by adult magazines in order to delay climaxes and make sexual intercourse last longer. Most of the time, this advice is geared towards men, but that’s beside the point. Doing the same exercises also helps people with bladder control in holding in their urine. It’s the same group of muscles used in different contexts. To get a better idea, try stopping the flow of urine in the middle of urination. It’s typically difficult to do so, but it’s these muscles that cut-off the flow of urine that helps keep them in longer.

  1. Take supplements.

While proper diet is mostly recommended to keep the body regulated with nutrients, sometimes, it needs intervention. This intervention is by adding supplementation. For those who lack a specific vitamin in their system, for example, the vitamin in question can be supplemented through pills or adding food that is rich in that vitamin. In the case of a bladder control supplement, finding one isn’t going to be a problem. There are plenty of reliable brands on the Internet for pills that alleviate the issues with lack of bladder control. It would be best to keep away from ones made of synthetic ingredients. There options made up absolutely of natural ingredients, which is better for the body in the long run.

  1. Minimize intake of coffee, alcohol and tea.

For a lot of people, these three drinks are staples that are almost impossible to remove entirely from their lifestyle. Some people wake up to coffee and need it to start their day with a jolt. Some people depend on alcohol to help them sleep at night. Some people like tea because of how it goes well with their desserts. Avoiding these diuretics entirely is obviously a more effective solution. On the other hand, considering that this extreme advice is unlikely to be adhered to, going for moderation is the more practical approach.