Just like men, dogs can experience various health problems that are age-related. In addition, just as it is with men, prevention of those health problems in dogs can be done by caring for their vital organs. A dog’s liver functions the same as those in humans. It acts as the body’s filter to get rid of harmful toxins. Hence, it is vital to keep a dog’s liver healthy to keep it functioning properly, thereby reversing or slowing down the effects of aging.

A dog owner can buy milk thistle for dogs and let his dog take one capsule of the organically-produced supplement daily. It comes from a plant that’s known to support healthy liver functions. However, milk thistle doesn’t taste too good, so if the dog is a picky eater, the owner should try to “conceal” the bitter taste of the supplement.

By regularly giving the dog milk thistle, some of these common health problems can be prevented:

  • Allergies

One of the common problems when it comes to dog’s health is allergies. Same with human beings, an allergy is caused by a disorder of the immune system, where an allergic response is triggered by specific food, environment and the bites of flea and tick. Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about the guidelines on how to manage the dog’s allergies. This is involves addressed by giving properly prescribed medication to avoid the allergy from worsening.

  • Nuclear Sclerosis

This shouldn’t be confused with dog cataracts, although these appear the same – cloudy, bluish-gray in color, and hazy. Unlike a cataract, this condition, which is also known as “milky eyes” merely causes focus impairment on dogs but its vision remains the same.

  • Infestation of Parasites

Fleas, ticks, and heartworm are the common parasites that affect a dog’s health. These may progress into a disease such as parasitic worms and Lyme disease. Parasitic worms are worms living inside their host and absorb all the nutrients leading the dog to become weak and suffer from other health conditions. On other hand, bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi trigger Lyme disease; black-legged ticks transport these kinds of bacteria from their previous host commonly mice or deer then transferred to the dogs.

  • Poor Diet and Poor Lifestyle

Heart disease, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Diabetes are some of the common dog health problem caused by to poor diet and lack of physical activity. According to experts, 30 to 40 percent of dogs are suffering from this kind of health issue that may result in death if not treated or managed early. This is why appropriate diet, exercise, vitamin supplements, and proper check-up must be observed to reduce the risk of the incidence diseases.

Having dogs can be considered a gift and a great experience. This is why it is important to be alert when it comes to maintaining a dog’s health.